Clock Restoration and Repair
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  Dial Restoration  

Specialising in Wall, Bracket, Longcase (Grandfather), French and Carriage Clocks.

The decision to restore or repair an Antique Clock Dial is important. The re-assurance that can be provided through the restorers training, experience and quality will guide you in progressing the restoration and conservation of your clock.

The conservation and restoration of an Antique Clock Dial whether they are painted or brass involves; discussion, clear identification of the work to be carried out and understanding of the customers and restorers needs and integrity.

It is very important to be able to examine the Antique Clock Dial to determine its originality (Use of ultraviolet light can show up old artwork on painted dials), structural stability, metallic state and previous restorations or repairs. Only after careful consideration, discussion and agreement with each client, is a decision made regarding the Antique Clock Dials restoration or repair. A suggested time period for the restoration work to be completed is communicated to each client.

A quotation will be provided for all restoration and repairs to act as an informative guide to cost. The restorer carries this out after the restoration or repair has been costed according to the amount of time, work and materials involved.

However, flexibility is required by both parties, as with any Antique, issues can be encountered with the clock dial during the restoration process.

It should be pointed out that work would only commence after the client has provided confirmation.

A free quotation service is offered for all clients after initial discussion on the client's Antique Clock Dial.




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